High School

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Here at WVL your student will have the opportunity to get the education they want and need in a fashion that molds to their needs.  WVL offers courses that move at a standard pace or faster for those students that can't be contained to a traditional schedule and pace.  We have students that are professional athletes, full time ballerinas, and all walks of life.  

College & Career Prep

WVL's high school gives emerging adults a jump start on the freedoms and correlating responsibilities of being an adult.  Colleges and employers are repeatedly amazed by the students that graduate from WVL.  Because of the ability for students to set their own schedules, students learn quickly the strategies and life skills needed to navigate the adult world.  They learn time management; they learn the benefits of planning ahead alongside the pains of procrastination. They learn self-advocacy, they are encouraged to use the resources around them (teachers, books, websites, etc.) to get what they need.  They get the benefit of having real teachers available via phone, email, and web-conferencing at the same time that they have all the information and resources they need at their fingertips. By attending WVL's high school, your student will learn the skills necessary to be ready for college or a career and future independence in a safe and monitored environment.  

Social Opportunities

WVL's high school is a safe place for teens to get the social interactions they need without the social pressures they don't need.  The amount of time students in the high school interact with their peers is up to their comfort level.  They can either take their courses completely independently with interaction limited to their teacher.  They can also take all their classes live and be in a live class setting up to 4 hours 4 days a week.  Or, they can find a happy medium between the two. WVL offers clubs such as National Honor Society, Student Council, SMART Team (a science investigation group).They can join gaming, writing, photography and other clubs to meet weekly with their peers.  They can attend monthly outings to fascinating and fun places around the state to meet their peers in the safety and security of a teacher-led field trip.  Or, they can attend WVL as a student on their own schedule and use their extra time for clubs or community groups of their own that they would like to invest more time into. That's the beauty of WVL, you can choose your own amount of social engagement based on your personal needs and wants.

Live Classes for High School

Unlike most other online high schools in Wisconsin, WVL offers the opportunity for students to take classes with other students and real teachers.  Twice a week WVL students gather with their peers in a virtual classroom that allows them to do group work, share ideas and opinions on the materials they are learning, and talk to their teachers about the parts of curriculum that fascinate and/or challenge them.  In the live classes, students have the opportunity to see their teachers and peers via webcam if they so choose.  They can also use the chat bar or microphone to interact with their peers in whatever manner is most comfortable for them.  Being one of the only high schools in WI that offers live, interactive, and engaging classes for all of our core classes makes WVL a cut above the rest. 
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